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W Series Double Taper-shaped Blender

  • W Series Double Taper-shaped Blender
  • W Series Double Taper-shaped Blender
Model No.︰W-300
Brand Name︰BayTree
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 13000 / set
Minimum Order︰1 set
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Product Description

W Series Double Taper-shaped Blender

Main Application :
With similar functions to those of V type mixer, this machine is applicable for pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff, feed, pigment and electronic trades etc., lt has remarkable effect in mixing powders and particles with relatively good fluidity. With the each Index reaching the standard of same kind of foreign product, its barrel is made of stainless steel, which is polished both inside and outside, featuring beautiful appearance and easy operation.

Technical Parameters :

Model Barrel volume  Max loading volume Max loading weigh Mixing time Motor power Barrel speed Overall dimension Weight
W-30 30L 15L 15kg 0-99min 0.37kw 15r/min 750*390*810mm 100kg
W-100 100L 50L 50kg 0-99min 1.1kw 15r/min 1300*600*1400mm 310kg
W-300 300L 150L 150kg 0-99min 1.1kw 15r/min 1580*650*1720mm 310kg
W-500 500L 250L 250kg 0-99min 3kw 15r/min 2010*800*2000mm 550kg
W-1000 1000L 500L 500kg 0-99min 4kw 12r/min 2300*1050*2570mm 800kg
W-1500 1500L 750L 750kg 0-99min 5.5kw 12r/min 2900*1300*2660mm 950kg
W-2500 2500L 1250L 1250kg 0-99min 11kw 12r/min 3000*1300*3180mm 1650kg
W-4000 4000L 2000L 2000kg 0-99min 15kw 10r/min 3200*1300*3600mm 1880kg
W-6000 6000L 3000L 3000kg 0-99min 18.5kw 10r/min 3500*1300*3800mm 2350kg
W-8000 8000L 4000L 4000kg 0-99min 22kw 10r/min 3980*1300*4300mm 2680kg
Payment Terms︰T/T, Western Union, Money Gram
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